Health is a fundamental right of people. It is no exception for students who are in the reproductive age. They will be going to human resource necessary for the continuation of the nation. Therefore, students need a maximum healthy condition in order to create a positive performance for the nation. The method used in this study is through a qualitative approach, ie, through in-depth interviews. The sampling method used is using purposive sampling, that meet the characteristics of such samples are an active regular students, the samples had ever used health services in PKM UI, and the samples come from the family health sciences and non-health sciences. Based on the students perceptions, the study found that they are still not satisfied with the service at the PKM UI. So that PKM UI is still expecting a variety of improvements, which included health care, environmental comfort PKM UI, and the pharmacy service. The advice issued is one of the things that can be done by the manager of the facility is to synergize the UI health sciences in college, which starts from the science of medicine, dentistry, public health, nursing, and the pharmacy. In the end, UI will be a university in Indonesia that most health care for students and able to provide the opportunity to develop better knowledges in all of health aspects which include promotive, preventive, curative, and rehabilitative.


Key Words: Health Services, PKM UI, Students, University of Indonesia


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